JunoBridge, JunoViewer’s Bridge Management System, is an asset management framework developed to manage bridge assets: from bridge inspections to condition ranking, assigning treatments to managing budgets.

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Features Overview

web application junoviewer asset management bridge system

Web Application

JunoBridge, a component of the JunoViewer framework, is built using modern web-based protocols supported by Microsoft Technologies. JunoBridge enables you to view your bridge inventory alongside associated photos and inspections, and facilitates the ranking and treatment assignment of your bridges.

offline field inspection junoviewer asset management bridge system

Offline Field Inspection Tools

The JunoBridge offline Field Inspection Tool (FIT) is a Windows based application facilitating data-rich bridge inspections that enable historic bridge condition data and trends to be analysed in the field.

offline field inspection mobile junoviewer asset management bridge system

Mobile App

JunoBridge also provides a framework for creating inventory collection and simple inspection forms in an Android app specifically developed for smartphones, the straightforward and lightweight nature of which is well suited for common bridge inspection activities such as abseiling and boat-based inspections. Upon completion, data , including photos, are seamlessly synchronised to the central server.

asset treatment junoviewer asset management bridge system

Ranking and Treatment Assignment

Once your bridge condition data is synchronised from the offline field inspection tools, the next step is to prioritise your bridges for further inspection or treatment. A ranking and treatment assignment model can be developed with the JunoBridge Team and configured based on your requirements. A model can be customised to consider various constrains such as budget, quantity, and condition when assigning treatments, to ensure only appropriate and economically advantageous treatments are assigned.

asset budget junoviewer asset management bridge system

Managing Budgets

JunoBridge is equipped with tools to assist in monitoring and managing your spending and available budget.

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